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Final Expense

Can your family bear the financial burden of your final expenses?
In the United States an average burial can easily cost between $10,000 and $15,000, with cremations ranging between $4,000 and $7,000. Just the cost of a mortuary coming to transport the body from the home to the mortuary can cost between $750-$2,000. These costs occur suddenly and painfully with little to no regard as to the emotional trauma of losing a loved one.
Social Security may pay up to $255 to help cover this cost. Even our veterans are not fully covered, the VA will only pay a $300 burial allowance and $745 for a plot, leaving the family well short of the cost unless they chose to be buried at a government cemetery.
Final Expense coverage helps to alleviate that financial burden. By setting families up with one of our A rated companies we make sure that not only are they covered for the cost, but that the cost and quality of the coverage are second to none.  At Marino Financial, we are able to find coverage for a person regardless of their health, and provide affordable options to families on a fixed income.

These industry leading benefits and carriers with 93 – 130+ years of experience enable us to provide the best value and most stable options for you.  We pride ourselves on providing unparalleled quality of protection for our clients, their families, and their futures.

For more information on how to protect your family while still benefiting from the option to get your money back, contact MFG at (865) 686-8204.  We can show you how to ensure that the needs of your family will be met, despite tragedy.