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Could You Use an Extra $700+ Each Week For Part Time Work?

How About $1,700-$2,200 for Full Time?

Are you a hard worker? Can you follow a system?

Do you want to grow as a person and a professional? Do you take pride in helping others?

 Take a look at how MFG can help you achieve all this and more…


Marino Financial Group is a Subsidiary of Symmetry Financial Group

We Are Hiring

We are looking for a driven, compassionate, workforce to help meet the needs of families across the country. We have more and more people asking for the services that only our profession can provide, and the need is only growing.


Did you know:

  • 10,000 more people turn 65 EVERY DAY?
  • Baby Boomers are needing to transition their retirement funds retirement funds into safe options. This need will represent the SINGLE LARGEST WEALTH TRANSFER the global economy has ever seen.
  • There are 78 million home owners with >80% of those having no means in place to protect their families and home in the event of tragedy.
  • Planning for college is on every parent’s mind.  We have options that no only ensure a funds for education, but also provide a down payment on a home and retirement funds as well.
  • Most people have their retirement funds in risky 401k’s or low yielding options through the bank. These funds then will be subject to taxes and penalties in the future. In this volatile market, who isn’t looking for tax-free, risk-free, retirement options?

There are more people looking for what only we can offer than we have the staff to cover. Do you know someone looking for this opportunity? Is that person you?

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The System

We have a proven system of success. We have studied the numbers and can show you the exact steps to meeting your personal, professional, and financial goals. Our leaders have set a path for you, just take the first step. We will guide you every step of the way.

Here is how it works:

We mail out thousands of forms to families across the US. Those that are interested in what we have to offer will actively fill out this form and mail it back to us.

We call the families and set up an appointment to sit with them and find out what their individual needs are. We then help the family fill out an application for the product that best suits their needs.

Once their application is approved, we go back out to the family, deliver the policy, and answer any further questions they may have.

For every approved policy, you would earn, on average, about $450 up front. Part Time is about 16-20 hours per week and involves sitting kneecap to kneecap with 8 families per week. This will average writing 2-4 applications per week for about $600-$800 net (after expenses of leads/gas/travel/etc.)

Full time is about 30-35 hours per week and involves sitting kneecap to kneecap with 15 families per week. This will average writing 6-8 applications per week for about $1700-$2400 net income per week.  This is accomplished by helping families.

If you want to make more, work more. There is NO CAP ON YOUR SUCCESS.


Named one of the TOP 10 Places to work with

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On, we are rated 4.5/5 for top places to work by our employees.  We pride ourselves on transparency and sharing the Wealth of Opportunity.

Opportunities for Leadership Roles and Growth At MFG

With the backing of Symmetry, we grow people into leaders. We place an emphasis on personal development as one of our cornerstones of success.  If  you are looking to advance your career, it only takes consistency and work.  Anyone with a solid work ethic can quickly be promoted to management and higher compensation.

Protecting What Matters

Join us in helping families. We represent over 30 carriers. Some are better at helping younger people, some are better with retirement options, some have better options for tobacco users, some have options for people in poor health. But the only way we can help, is to find people like you, to help get to those in need.

Stable Source of Income

With our lead program, as long as you have consistent activity, you will have consistent income. We can
predict, based on years of statistics, how much money you will make based on the amount of activity you do.
The beautiful part of this model, is the YOU CAN CONTROL YOUR INCOME BY CONTROLLING YOUR ACTIVITY.

Earning What Matters

At Marino Financial Group, we realize that earning an income is also a means to earn time. Quality time with your family, quality time to do the things you love with those you love. With flexible hours and a supportive atmosphere, we empower those with the drive to succeed. It is easier than you may realize. You just do the activity to help families in need.

Take that first step. Call (865) 686-8204 for more information. Take that first step toward growing your future. Don’t lower your goals and expectations to meet your income. You have the ability to raise your
income to reach your goals and dreams.  Take that first step. Call (865) 686-8204 or Apply HERE

Why Choose Marino Financial Group?

Our Focus on PEOPLE

We have a history of excellence in both how we serve our customers and how we foster an atmosphere of growth in our team members. Our team is focused on Four Cornerstones: Belief, Work and Counsel, Personal Development, Positive Association. By focusing on these cornerstones of quality, we are better able to help the families we serve to best protect those they love most.

Our Extensive OPTIONS

We represent over 30 of the nations top carriers to ensure that both our team members and those we help are getting the best options for their needs. We are happy to sit down with you and take the time to find what is important to You and help meet your needs.



Jason Marino

Agency Manager
Marino Financial Group
A Subsidiary of Symmetry Financial Group
(865) 686-8204

Jason has been licensed since 2011. He takes pride in helping both families in need of protection as well as training his team members to reach their potential. He teaches nationally on Tax-Free, Risk-Free, Retirement Options and especially enjoys finding that perfect solution to meet the individual family needs of his clients.

To join his team, call (865) 686-8204 or Apply HERE